Bidding/Procurement Process

Bidding/Procurement Process

Below please find a list of services open for vendors to bid on:

  • Telephone Service – We need 5 dedicated phone lines (which can roll-over) to handle the call and fax volume for our school. One of the 5 lines will be dedicated for the alarm system. We prefer E-Rate eligible vendors with SPI billing for customers.

  • Cellular Service – We need 70 lines of service with 4G data/voice signal strength and free upgrades every year we are under contract per line sold. You must be E-rate eligible to be considered and offer SPI billing.

  • Internet Service – we need the highest upload/download speeds available to support over 500 internet ready devices to be used daily throughout our school. You must be E-rate eligible to be considered and offer SPI billing.

  • IT/Tech Support – provide technical support (within 24hrs) to our school regarding all computer systems, printers, telephone and fax machines. The goal of keeping our school with the latest yet affordable cutting edge technology will be continually expected. An on-site tech is preferred to service the school between the hours of 7am – 4pm with emergency assistance available when needed.

  • Insurance Broker – we need affordable rates for the following Insurances: Worker’s Compensation, Liability and D & O Insurance.

  • Landscaping Svcs – we would like for the property to be serviced bi-weekly, including the: mowing of grass, weed removal, mulch when needed for the trees in front of the building. Snow removal contracts can also be submitted with your proposal.

  • Sanitation Svcs – we need our commercial trash dumpsters to be emptied 3 xs/week preferably before 7:30am (a key to the gates will be supplied). All trash surrounding the dumpsters are to be picked-up by driver if need be and not left after the dumping of the dumpsters. Gates must be re-locked after svc is provided. Emergency trash pick-up will also be required within 24 hours of the call for service.

  • Janitorial Svcs – daily cleaning of the entire school and trailer module to include detailed cleaning of all bathrooms, kitchen, teacher lounge and the perimeter of the building.

  • Psychiatric Svcs – the providing of professional and legally mandated Psychological services for our school to include: Psychological/Education Reports, Professional development, Parent/Family workshops, Evaluation Meetings, Behavioral Assessment/Analysis, Consultations for parents/teacher /administration, Special Education Support Svcs, Manifestation Determination, ESL Compliance & Data Analysis.

  • Alarm/Security Svcs – provide and service a state of the art alarm system for our school and trailer modules. The system should include cameras, motion detectors and fire alarming. We should have internet access to our camera system and remote access to arm & disarm the alarm when entering or exiting the bldg...

  • Health/Dental INS Svcs – provide affordable health and dental insurance for a staff of 70 employees. 24hour access to the health/dental plan with the ability for the staff to access via telephone or internet.

  • Uniform Svc – provide and maintain uniforms for the workers of the school to include janitors and/or building engineers.

  • Linen/Mats Svc – provide and maintain the floor mats and linen (on and as needed basis) for the school. Matts are to be picked up and cleaned monthly.

  • Elevator Svc – provide and maintain service of all elevators in our school and communicate with our building engineer all issues related to the elevator including city/state permits to stay within compliance.

  • Xerox/Copying Svcs – provide and maintain quality state of the art machines for our school including: color copying, scanning, scan-to-fax, copy counter and blocks for each machine. All service calls should be answered within 48 hours of original service call.

  • Sprinkler System Svc – service and maintain our current sprinkler systems, making sure all codes are up to date. Monthly testing to ensure that the system is fully functional, with our building engineer.

  • Legal Svcs – provide quality legal services for the representation of our school and/or all school related issues at an agreed upon rate to never fluctuate during or due to the current agreed upon contract. All work must be approved by the school before work is to commence.

  • Marketing Svcs – provide marketing and public relations for our school and all related programs of the school while promoting the positive image, reputation and future of the school. Monthly meetings with mgmt. to outline new tasks/goals and how effective it will be for the school from a marketing standpoint as well as new opportunities sought out by said company is preferred at no additional cost.

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